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Insurance Defense

The Firm has a long-standing relationship with numerous insurance providers.  In that regard, we are frequently retained in general liability cases to defend those providers’ insureds in claims involving alleged personal injury damages; Labor Law Sections 200, 240 and 241(6) and construction site accidents; motor vehicle and truck accidents; toxic torts, including asbestos and lead paint; and complex property damage.  Handling these and other types of claims starts with thorough research and scrutiny of the allegations. Thereafter, our Team uses the most qualified experts to assist us in building the strongest defense possible.

Adverse decisions in arbitration or trial can impact professional reputations and bottom lines. Our Team’s trial experience is extensive, and we leverage that experience against our opponents to obtain the most beneficial results for our clients. While we always explore every avenue of resolution through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), we are always prepared to defend our clients in courtroom and our opponents know that.

The Firm is listed in A.M. Best Company's Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys.

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